Description of Duty's 

1) Preparation of books

Capturing of cashbooks, Bank Reconciliations, Petty Cash reconciliations.


2) Debtors/Creditors

Creditors’ payment preparation following all policies and procedures.

Proof of payment attached to each payment.

Accurate allocation of payments into Suppliers ledger.

Month end payments.Reduction of interest paid on suppliers invoices.

3) General Ledger preparation


4) Accounts to TB

Reconciliations and Ad-hoc reconciliations.

Monthly journals and accruals.


5) Inter-company

Weekly balancing of Intercompany loans,

intercompany Debtors and inter co creditors.

6) Month end and month end reporting

All info must reach our offices by 5th of following month

TB will be completed and emailed back to client by +-15th of same month.


7) General

Response to management emails timeously.

Assist with queries.

Availability to assistance ASAP!!

Problem solving.

Maintain orderly and complete source document files.

Orderly and Complete journal files (i.e. all journals present)


8) Suspense account management


9) Statutory Returns

UIF, SDL, PAYE submissions

VAT recon preparation and bi-monthly submission

Weekly submission of monitoring fee payment.

Company Income Tax (IT14SD)

Personal income tax

Trust management. (Financial Statements).

Custom and Excise duty


10) Balance Sheet/Income Statements


11) Financial Statements will be done and signed off annually.